Dr. Mauskop

Alexander Mauskop, MDAlexander Mauskop, MD is on the forefront of headache treatments and has treated thousands of patients. He is the author of three books on headaches: The Headache Alternative, A Neurologist’s Guide to Drug-Free Relief, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines and Migraines and Headaches and dozens of articles on headaches.

He lectures and teaches other doctors about headaches. For the past 21 years, Dr. Mauskop has been the Director of an annual educational symposium for physicians. Over 200 doctors from around the world have visited the New York Headache Center to learn advanced treatment techniques, such as Botox injections, magnesium infusions, and other.  Dr. Mauskop is also a licensed acupuncturist. He has participated and conducted groundbreaking research on headaches.

Dr. Mauskop has repeatedly been chosen as one of New York magazine’s Best Doctors in New York, as one of New York Times Magazine’s, “Super Doctors” and as Castle and Connolly’s “Best Doctors”. Dr. Mauskop has appeared on local and national television shows, including Tom Brokaw’s News Hour, Extra, and PBS specials, and he has been featured in Vogue, O Magazine, and many other publications. He has given lectures at institutions such as Cornell, Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Dartmouth Medical Schools, Mayo and Cleveland Clinics.

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