Fast, Effective Headache Relief - Works on Many Headache Types

Migralex Works Fast!

Alexander Mauskop, MD has learned from his patients that if a medicine takes too long to work it may not work at all or it may take 2 or 3 doses for it to eventually provide relief. After nineteen years of working on a new remedy, Dr. Mauskop created “Migralex”, a company which specializes in drug formulations to relieve pain with fast acting properties.

Research Shows You Should Choose Migralex

  • Caffeine-Free & Safer on Stomach
  • Delivers Fast Acting Headache Relief
  • Formula is Doctor Developed and Patented
  • Works for Many Types of Headaches and Pain

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Gentle on the Stomach

Another distinguishing feature of Migralex is that it is gentler on the stomach. Magnesium oxide, which is an ingredient in Migralex, is an alkaline substance that counteracts the acidity of aspirin, making Migralex a safer product. Some other pain medications are safety-coated to achieve the same result. However, coating delays the release of active ingredients and causes a delay in getting relief. This brings us to the next outstanding feature of Migralex.

Works on Many Types of Headaches

And lastly, Migralex is a very versatile drug that works for different types of headaches and pain. It can help tension, sinus, stress, menstrual, hangover, and other headaches. Many people have difficulty differentiating these types, especially sinus from tension headaches. Fortunately, Migralex can help both of these headache types.

A Supermodel's Gratitude

"Dr. Mauskop, Migralex has changed my life...and I thank you eternally for this."

- Stephanie Seymour, Supermodel

Effective Relief to Stay Focused

"As a full-time professional musician, I often find myself suffering from headaches which are painful enough to potentially affect my performance. Thankfully, I found Migralex, which gives me quick and effective relief to stay focused and play my best."

- Paul Shaffer, Late Show with
David Letterman

Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex is one of the most effective headache treatments available. Try it today, you'll love the fast acting relief. However, if for some reason you are not fully satisfied with the amazing results just return to us your bottle purchased from within 60 days of receipt of shipment for a FULL REFUND less P&H. Even if the bottle is opened, CALL US at 877-466-0294. No Questions Asked!