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Migralex Headache Relief Formula

Migralex, known in the medical community as the Next Generation of Headache Relief, is a patented breakthrough headache relief formula that is available over-the-counter. This amazing product contains an ingredient proven to relieve headaches with its fast acting delivery process for many kinds of headaches including: Sinus, Stress, Tension, Allergy and many more. For a limited time you can try Migralex 100% Risk Free and see why patients are raving.
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Meet Alexander Mauskop, MD

Alexander Mauskop, MD is on the forefront of headache treatments and has treated thousands of patients. He is the author of three books on headaches: “The Headache Alternative”, “A Neurologist’s Guide to Drug-Free Relief”, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines and Migraines and Headaches” and dozens of articles on headaches.

“I am so confident that you will love Migralex, I guarantee it.”

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The Ingredients

The amazing Migralex patented breakthrough headache relief formula combines all these wellness ingredients into one product.


500 mg. The only NSAID that does not increase the risk of heart attacks.


Buffered with Magnesium Oxide 75mg. Protects the stomach by raising the pH.

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What Makes Migralex Different?

Unlike many other prescription medications and natural remedies, Migralex contains no caffeine. Migralex is gentler than other products on the market since its also contains Magnesium oxide, which helps to neutralize acidity. This amazing medication is fast acting, so you won’t need to wait or take multiple doses to receive headache relief. Since Migralex is such a versatile drug it will work with a wide variety of headaches such as: Sinus, Tension, Stress and Menstrual headaches.

In the Media

Migralex has taken the industry by storm and the media has noticed. Dr. Mauskop has been featured in a number of articles and has got every- one talking with this amazing headache and pain relieving product.

Featured in: O Magazine, Fitness, Good House Keeping, Shape, New York Times, Woman’s World, Natural Health, Life Extension, Vogue, Bottom Line Health.


“Dr. Mauskop, Migralex has changed my life…and I thank you eternally for this.”


“As a full-time professional musician, I often find myself suffering from headaches which are painful enough to potentially affect my performance. Thankfully, I found Migralex, which gives me quick and effective relief to stay focused and play my best.”